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How to Vacuum Your Car like A Pro

We get it: keeping your car clean is not exactly an exciting task. But take a look at your dirty interior: surely it is not a good sight, right? Spot-clean interior makes your car look new and nice; it is also better for your health when you sit in an environment with little dust and allergens. To achieve that, just using water and soap is not enough: you need the help of the best car vacuum which can be found by click here. Also, please take a look at the handy guide below to find tips on how to vacuum your car in the most efficient way.

  1. Preparation:
  • Choosing The Right Vacuum

Before you start vacuuming your car, you should need the right vacuum cleaner first. The ideal appliance should be powerful enough to get the job done efficiently, easy to use and lightweight so that you can hold it in your hands with ease.

There are two types of vacuum cleaner: corded and cordless. The cordless version is very convenient because you can use this compact appliance anywhere you want without having to access a power outlet. If you use the corded version, you will need a long extension cord.

Make sure you have the right vacuum accessories with you (wide, narrow and soft brush attachments) because they are essential for cleaning different parts of car interior thoroughly.


  • Set a specific amount of time for this process

This is a necessary step to make sure you do not rush the vacuuming process or get distracted and prolong the process a lot (for example by chatting with other people as you clean). Rushing the process may leave certain corner of your car dirty or cause damage to your damage seat if you rub them hard and leave scratches behind.

  • Clear out the cleaning area

You should get rid of clutter before vacuuming: it makes the process quicker and more efficient.  It is advised to put on a rubber glove to protect your hand. You should remove things that can cause damage to your vacuum cleaner: large debris, toys, foods and even your personal belongings like cell phone, CD and documents. Do not forget to search under the seats.

  • Take out the floor mats


The floor mats can get really dirty due to foot traffic. Let’s remove them out of the car, and then you can shake them vigorously or hang them up and beat them with a boom to loosen the dirt and debris on it. What about the smell? If you often go out with your family members (and kids), you normally bring food and drink along, which leave smell that stuck to the carpet/mat… And do not forget the stains too. To deal with stains or bad odors, spray carpet cleaner/freshener or baking soda on the mats, let it sit still for about 10-15 minutes before using a stiff brush to scrub stains away.  Rinse them and hang them dry thoroughly. To make sure they are clean, vacuum them again.

Wait, it is not all you must do with carpet. Pet hair is notoriously different to remove when they get stuck into carpet fibers. The solution: use a vacuum with a revolving brush to suck out all stubborn hair.

  1. Recommended vacuuming process

To vacuum your car effectively, divide your car interior into several corners, each corner requires a suitable vacuum method.  Here is the suggested the order of vacuuming your car:

  • Start with the ceiling

You will start with corners in the ceiling where dust gather a lot from the floor and the carpet. It is not to mention about the smell it absorbs if the driver is a smoker. If you clean the floor first, dust can drops from the ceiling later; so, again, please start with the ceiling.

  • The floor

After vacuuming the ceiling is done, use the wide attachment on the vacuum cleaner to deal with the large floor areas.

  • The seat


The seat areas are not easy to vacuum thoroughly; you need to make sure you can reach all the way under them. As seats can be moved forwards and backwards, you slide them in the direction you want so that you can get to even the most remote area underneath.

For areas between the seats and the console, use a small and narrow attachment to remove dust and debris.

To clean the seats, you need to use the upholstery brush (soft brush attachment). Be very careful while cleaning, especially with leather seats, or you can cause damage to the material. Never rub leather seats strongly to avoid scratches and clean them well before you want to apply leather conditioner.

  • Other interiors

Use an upholstery brush with such parts like sun visors, console, dashboard…

  • The Boot Area

You can easily find dirt and debris in the boot area so give it some love too. The wide attachment is handy in this case: it helps you get the job done very quickly and effectively.

Note about cleaning schedule: Obviously, it takes less time for each vacuuming session if you clean your car on a regular basis. Dealing with bad odor and stain requires more effort. It is ideal to vacuum your car once in 15 days; if you are busy or do not use your car often, then once a month is fine. Do not neglect you car for long: before you can notice, dust and particulates already ruin the look of your expensive leather seats!


Not everyone want to clean their car on the own, it is true. Of course, you can always pay for car wash and avoid the manual work. However, it is always nice to know how to take good care of your own possession and that knowledge will come in handy a times. This little guide aims to help the vacuuming process less time-consuming; hopefully it will be useful for you.

My name is Raymond A. Brown and I’m a car care professional. I’m a person who is willing to provide you the best possible service, so that you can have a better outcome. Our car care services are better enough to meet the actual needs of our customers.

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Food poisoning: 10 domestic rules to follow

Food undercooked or poorly preserved foods as contaminants between transfers can cause food poisoning, a third of them occur at home. Here are our 10 tips to keep domestic food safe.
Wash one’s hands
The first thing to repeat most often is hand washing. Before and during meal preparation, use soap. Gesture to be repeated after handling raw foods (meat and vegetables) and otherwise deal with contamination, as after using the toilet, changing a baby, caress an animal, change cat litter, handle the ground or hit contaminated objects with soil, etc.

In case of gastrointestinal, no kitchen
In the case of gastrointestinal, avoid cooking or so wash your hands thoroughly. In all cases, choose foods that do not require too much preparation.
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Hydrogen Cars: A new age has arrived or more problems to solve?


Three specialized Toyota Mirai hydrogen cars have recently arrived in Australia. These cars only discharged water vapor while driving therefore significantly reduce air pollutant compared to fossil – fuel vehicle. If the trial is completed successfully, the world may experience a new rise in hydrogen car – cleaner and more efficient. Still there are several problems that the researchers have encountered and may take lots of time and efforts to solve them. Here are some notable issues that have been pointed out:



  • As the name suggests, hydrogen cars run on hydrogen. In Australia alone, there is only 1 station that can provide this kind of fuel. Ironically for the Toyota case, the station is located at Hyundai, a fierce competitor on the market. And on a global scale, while there are already some stations that can support hydrogen car, it’s far too few in number for hydrogen car users to comfortably access
  • In Europe, there are 25 stations across the continent. Many other stations in other parts of the world sometime closed down simply due to the lack of customer. The most devoted country which operates the biggest hydrogen stations network is Japan with around 80 stations currently in operation. America and Canada both have plans to install hydrogen station but most are local project and not on a nation-wide scale.

Price and support.

  • Toyota Mirai has a price of 60,000 to 75,000 USD. That more than twice the price of a brand new 2016 model Toyota Avalon and still much more expensive than most of other cars in the same market category. Needless to say, coupled with the fuel-issue, this lays heavily in mind of potential buyer. Beside hydrogen, the world has sought many alternative options to replace fossil – fuel vehicle and some has potentially show to be a much cheaper option than the current hydrogen cost.
  • Also, if something happens to your hydrogen car and there is no special – function repair center in the country, which is most likely since there are very few places like that, your only option then is to send your cars overseas for inspect, repair and replace. Of course the process requires considerable money. This gives another headache to hydrogen car planners who want to introduce hydrogen cars on a wider scale and also have to set up support centers for them in a cost – efficient manner.

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Important information about Plantar Fasciitis Shoes And Shoe Inserts

Choosing the right type of plantar fasciitis shoes is critical because the wrong shoes could make worse the plantar fasciitis. Waking up in the morning and feeling the aching pain when you put your feet on the ground is the worst feeling ever. Therefore, you need to address your concerns using proper footwear. You have the shoes that instead of ones that look good sense choose. Things like plantar fasciitis shoe inserts make it easier for you to walk, run and engage in various types of daily activities.
Let us know about some of the easiest to find shoes and accessories for plantar fasciitis: sneakers If you are suffering from the difficult problem of your feet still can not do without participating in sports-related activities, you have to use shoes or sneakers which specially designed for your condition. These shoes are comfortable and stylish at the same time. These shoes have extra pads and pillows that help protect your feet during an activity. They make it easy for you to participate in sports-related activities and give your best shot during your event. This footwear also minimizes your chances of injury during your game. However, you still need to give sufficient rest to your feet from time to time. Not to get involved in strenuous activities.

This will ensure that the condition of your feet stable. Dress Shoes Specialist dress best running shoes for plantar fasciitis have also become quite common nowadays. These shoes are available in various designs and styles. You can easily find your dress shoes that will match as an opportunity. These shoes do not compromise on style yet provide additional comfort even when you wear them for long hours. Most of these shoes are designed with long counters and shock absorption features for better support. You can get even insoles to the required depth in your shoes. These types of dress shoes are especially suitable for people who need to work in offices for long hours. Insoles If you recently purchased a pair of shoes and you do not want again to spend money on buying a new pair, you can buy special insoles or inserts for your real shoes. Such insoles can be placed in the shoes.
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Playing a sport after 50 years: what sport to choose?

You are more than 50 years. What sport to choose? What sport favored? You are still very active. Retirement, it’s not for now. You are in good shape, and you just want to maintain and prevent the effects of aging.
Congratulations! Lace up the sneakers and choose the sports you like best.

You are more than 50 years already and not having a great shape. Too much weight, too tired, too much stress … the doctor advised you exercise, as a complement to treatment.

In both cases, go ahead! Get moving! You have the choice. Many sports activities or sports can do you good. So the first question to ask is what you want to do? And not forbid you anything!

> The maintenance gymnastics
It is good for the body and morale. You do that in music and a good mood, and you gain flexibility and strength. The advantage: it makes work the whole body. This allows you to develop your endurance, your muscles, your coordination, and balance. Go one to two sessions per week; it’s perfect. Warning: the pain is a warning signal that must be respected.
Muggle Quidditch
It is the complete sports par excellence. The swimming works the whole body. It develops cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. However, if these are the joints that make you suffer, know that swimming is not the most effective sport. Go there once or twice a week and pick out the swim suits you.
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